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Brief background:  The Prayerline has evolved out of Cornerstone Christian Counselling’s nationwide Helpline service.   Those who knew the Helpline will probably recognise that the free-phone number has remained as the number for the Prayerline.   The “catchphrase” Putting people in touch with The Answer” has also remained, as this is perhaps truer for the Prayerline than it was for the Helpline.

The significant difference between the two services is simply that the Helpline provided a “help’ service in that counsel, advice and scriptural reference was provided to callers; whereas the Prayerline policy recognises that counsel, wisdom and reference belong with the “church” rather than at the end of the telephone and therefore the Prayerline’s role is to provide a powerful, effective, relational and tactical Scriptural PRAYER response to callers and then refer the Caller to the Church. We believe that it’s the EFFECTUAL FERVENT PRAYER OF THE RIGHTEOUS MAN/WOMAN that avails much power/results/answers. Through the solemn principles of the WORD of GOD that we are able to accomplish this.

The Service:   A Prayer Team consists of 5 or more people who meet every week for the purpose of constituting a Prayer Watch of 2 hours. The team chooses the hours that it will be on the Prayer Watch, and commits to that time each week for 12 months, when it can decide whether or not to continue for a further 12 month period(s).   For example, the Call to the Nations prayer team meets each Thursday evening between 7.00 & 9.00pm.    The Prayer Watch can be taken at the Church or at the home of one of the Prayer Team members, where callers will be calling in and receive live prayer response.



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