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“A huge thank you to you all for the renewed health and energy  which our six year old Grandson, Nathan Harding now enjoys after experiencing the best asthma free winter he has had in four years.  Nathan has been greatly blessed through your prayers and as a result of this, his parents have witnessed the love of God in action.”

“I have some good news! I have been off those sleeping pills, that I was telling you about, for three nights. I find it a little hard getting to sleep last night but that was sorted out after I rang up a Warrior. I haven’t been healed yet but I have been given a hand up! I would just like to say thanks to you and your teams for praying. We serve a mighty God! Blessings!”

“Praise God your prayers have been answered, their bank has agreed to loan them the amount required at a reduced interest rate. Thank you all very very much, and God bless you all.”

“How can i thank God enough for what He has done for me and my son. We have got a home now and my son has been delivered from drugs. Thank you all so much for prayers and walking with me during hard times. Thank  you so much for your service. God is GOOD!”

“Thank you prayer warriors that have continued to pray for X. Yesterday she had a blood test which showed that her ” Tumour Markers” had dropped from 259 to 50. The doctors are impressed. This has got be a miracle. Please continue to bring her before GOD as she continues to receive treatment.
Thank you so much”

“Hello prayer teams,
You may recollect that I asked the prayer team to pray for my sister in law who was continuously bleeding during her pregnancy, Well, Abigail-Rose arrived on 09/01/13 safely, and is a great healer for her parents who were traumatized in 2008. Please pass onto the team this wonderful outcome from the power of prayer.
Many blessings over you all who do such a wonderful work of edifying us all…”

“Hi, I wanted to pass on the great feedback to those who have been involved with praying for Tom, an individual believer who ran into some trouble some time ago & had a long pending court case to go through.
I would firstly like to give praise to the One True God for allowing the blessings & protection for this gentleman, and his friends & family. It has been a victorious day. His last court appearance was today, Thursday. Mercy & correct understanding of his situation was allowed. Resulting in a merciful sentence that best fits with everyone. I have asked our Lord for Eph 6.10 – 17 to apply to those believers who have been involved with this long process as a protection & continuance to their faith. And to those who are not yet followers of our Faith in Jesus Christ, may God bestow his kindness & favor to them. There have been many individuals GOD has allowed to help in this case. MANY a Blessing. And THANK YOU for your support. GOD Bless, and may our Messiah Jesus Christ continue sharing his love.”

“Dear Team
thank you for your long term prayers. With overseas help our God is moving mountains in our lives.Praise God, that the bondage of a life time is breaking off our lives.”

“Thank you sincerely for your prayers. Thank you lord for listening to others praying on behalf of me and my fiance.”

“thanks for your prayers my son is out of hospital and back to normal praise Jesus and thank you all again for your love and prayers”

Dear Precious NZ Prayerline team,thank you for being there.Thank you for your love for our Lord Jesus and for your Christian love and support for our nation and its people.


  1. Jerome Pierce says:

    Praise & Thanking Father GOD Almighty in Heaven for my financial Miracle .2nd My Honda Accord 2 door 4 cylinder will also perform like a new car. I’m Know GOD has sent both to me. I’m giving GOD thanks for Blessing me with answering my prayer requests. I’m giving Praise & Honor In Jesus Christ name Amen & Amen

  2. Anon says:

    Thank you very much for the prayers for my client that was spinning out of control & being – it seemed harassing – to no avail my every attempt at compassion, boundaries or any other tactic to stop the waves of no sense emails & hounding coming at me continually – would not calm her down – even though I had done everything I could – your prayers helped my prayers & really made all the difference. Calling the line – & connecting to someone & really feeling & believing God take up a burden – because of someone else’s faith in the prayer they are praying over you is amazing – thanks again.

    I am relieved to be enjoying a less stressful evening now for the first time in a while & no more long manic emails or texts. I hope this will last.

    I pray often for NZ & for people on international prayer boards & I am just so grateful that your prayer line is available, I wish everyone in NZ knew about it & so we could all support it & be one great mighty & happier praying nation!

  3. Adam Parker says:

    Kia ora.I asked for prayer about god setting me free from smoking.Well I have been smoke free now for 2 months!!!Praise Jesus.

  4. Tony says:

    Hi Guys, I put in a prayer request 2 days ago, having lost my job through the repetition of a learned behaviour. On Monday I start a new job on a three month trial in a similar industry. A positive verbal reference was given by one of my former supervisors. It was your prayer that pushed me over the line. I can’t thank you enough – up from rock bottom again, though I fell I was not utterly cast down! Thank you again – it was your prayer that did it.

  5. Gail Rakete says:

    I put in a pray request for my cousin who is very sick,I want praise god n the pray team my cousin has been healed and thank you again and the loving god for healing.

  6. eric says:

    A bout 2 years ago i was in a bad way with no means of transport so i put a prayer request through and quite a few times, and had other people praying to our Father i needed a car every chance i got i thanked our Father for the car i was about to get, even though i had no money, and it was people who prayed for me and believing and thanking our Heavenly Father for my car, and every time doubt came into my head i apologized to our father and asked him to help my unbelief, and he is truly amazing i got given a car and paid nothing for it, thank you for praying people at nz prayerline and Praise The Lord

  7. Becky B says:

    Last year about May i was in severe pain all through the night in my chest. I sent in a voice mail about midnight as the pain was so bad my mother slept next to me in my single bed. On the phone i was crying. That morning the pain vanished about 8am. Praise the LORD!
    I have sent several requests to NZCPL and am still alive. I believe in the power if prayer. Thank you NZCPL!

  8. Hello. excellent job. I did not expect this. This is a excellent story. Thanks!

  9. CJ says:

    My heart has been so much at peace, esp. these last several days. Cutting off toxic people not only from my life but also my MIND has really given me peace! I’m happy and peaceful, now that I’m finally moving on from my regretful, wasted past and the horrible people that have held on to me, dragging me down. I feel free. I am grateful for this one thing.

  10. Gina says:

    Hi Prayer Team

    Last September 2017, I requested for prayer request for my Sister who was diagnosed an Ovarian Cancer stage 1. She went for chemo and radiation treatment, yesterday on her MRI it was declared negative. She is now Cancer free. My heart is rejoicing. Thank you for all your prayers. Indeed In Christ we are His blood we are healed!!!

  11. Lisa Thompson says:

    Thank you for the unceasing prayer for my family and our home. We have now moved into our new home and once we have it prepared it will be opened as a refuge for those in ministry to have a break away in the country.

  12. Liz Askin says:

    Thank you fir praying for Roger for the quadruple bypass which took place on Wednesday 20 November. It took less time than usual with no complications. Praise God. Thank you so very much.

  13. Ann says:

    Hi Prayer Team,
    I just wanted to say a big thank you for your continued prayer for a family situation and also for my situation, that has been a very difficult one, more recently, over the past 6 weeks or so.
    I am very pleased to be-able to tell you that part of the difficult situation has been resolved.
    I want to praise the LORD for that and also, thank the prayer warriors that prayed for us.
    There is still a lot to be done. Can I please ask for prayer cover for the next few weeks, as there are some appointments to attend and support to organise. Please can you pray for wisdom and discernment especially at these times.
    I pray for a beautiful Easter for you all and once again,thank you for your prayer support, it was very much appreciated.

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